Embroidery Digitising

At Brand, we are experienced in what we do, and are more than happy to assist you in anyway we can - so do not be afraid to ask, we are here to help.

We are technical experts on embroidery digitising and are leading the way in improving embroidery design.

With UK based designers, there is always a digitiser available at the end, we don't have just "support" staff in the UK.

Being at the forefront of software progression, it enables us to design better for our customers, quicker and more cost effectively.

Technically superior, we will be able to save you time and money, along with offering useful advice to further improve the profitability of your production time.

Designing through Wilcom enables us to produce outstanding results, with fewer trims and thread breaks, saving you both time and money though production. With our recent upgrade, we are now running on the latest Wilcom E2 & E3 software, enabling superior design over the dated version 7 used by many of our competitors (this is well over 10 years old now). With better quality designs, running faster through the machinery, resulting in higher turnover and greater profits, all down to the running of the design efficiency.

Specialists in 3d Puff embroidery, applique, shading and small text, see our portfolio for some of our examples.

As a standard, we provide all designs in the Wilcom .emb, Tajima .dst and a pdf runsheet - we can also provide other formats as required.

Call 02392 601167 to discuss your requirements, and see how we can save you not just money on your designs, but make your machines work more efficiently and profitably.

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